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Free Thought “School”

“In celebration of the kind and encouraging teachers I have connected with on my life journey and inspired by each student I have had the privilege of engaging with during my time as an educator,  I have created, 

At The Center, a creativity development center.

ATC is my gift to all who seek to know their oneness.” ~  Elisa Garcia


Serving People



Curriculum Program Developer

Special Needs Therapy Provider

ATC Founder

Serving Equines

Using unique methods of gentle touch and soft energy to convey clear expectations, Elisa, has developed an equine connection and balancing program that helps to transform

equines into harmonious partners who we can experience deep lasting bonds with. 

Serving Canines

Elisa has developed dog trekking & training programs that provide fun adventures in nature where your pup experiences reconnecting with their inner dog.  They flow in synch with natures harmonious and cooperative manner.

At The Center


Experience staying connected and grounded while energetically maintaining your revolving center leading to an 

understanding of true creativity.  

There is tremendous potential within each of us.  

We  have a critical star role to play in the theatre of life.  We each matter on  a macro and micro level.  We matter in the cosmos.  We simply need to activate our potential and deactivate the programming that does not serve our highest selves.

Let’s Activate your special greatness!


Our purpose is to live in love and harmony with all aspects of our infinite universe.  Stewardship is a vital part of living in gratitude as it resonates a frequency of self and surrounding worth, set in the value of the caring provided.  Deep caring is essential to understanding our true core.  Stewardship assists in self discovery of our purpose in life as it allows for a meditative process.


Living in gratitude affords the luxury of time and attention to what one is creating daily. When we examine our actions, behaviors and thoughts in a nonjudgemental manner, we begin to connect with creative solutions to our circumstances.  We begin to radiate positivity and the organizing capabilities of the energy of attraction begin to reflect our inner desires in outward manifestations.

Custom Designed Centering and Activation Programs


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